Soal Pas B. Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 1/ Ganjil Th. 2018

Soal PAS B. Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 1/ Ganjil Th. 2018. Dapatkan Soal Latihan Penilaian Akhir Semester atau Ujian Akhir Semester / UAS Gasal Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas IV Semester 1 Tahun anutan 2018 - 2019.

 Dapatkan Soal Latihan Penilaian Akhir Semester atau Ujian Akhir Semester  Soal PAS B. Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 1/ Ganjil Th. 2018

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) A, B, C, or D!
1. Ten + Twenty = ....
A. Sixty
B. Fifty
C. Fourty
D. Thirty

2. Teacher : “Good morning every body”.
Students : “ ...., sir”
A. Good bye
B. Good luck
C. Good morning
D. Good evening

3. I have ... fingers.
A. Ten
B. Nine
C. Eight
D. Seven

4. A cow has ... feet.
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

5. 12 – 5 = ....
A. Twelve plus five equal seven
B. Ten plus five equal four
C. Twelve less five equal seven
D. Twelve times five equal sixty

6. X  : “...?”
Y : “My name is Mila”.
A. When is your name
B. What is your name
C. Where is your name
D. Who is your name

7. I am ... television at night.
A. Watching
B. Reading
C. Listening
D. Studying

8. Father and mother are my ....
A. Teacher
B. Lecturer
C. Friend
D. Parents

9. "25 " It is number ....
A. Twenty
B. Twenty five
C. Thirty
D. Thirty five

10. A : “Are you Seila?”
B : “...”.
A. No, I am
B. Yes, I am not
C. Yes, I am
D. Yes, am I

11. Is this a book ?
... This is a bag.
A. No, it is
B. No, it is not
C. Yes, it is
D. Yes, it is not

12. My brother likes listening to the ....
A. Television
B. Picture
C. Toys
D. Music

13. My mother cooks in the ....
A. Kitchen
B. Garden
C. Garage
D. Bed room

14. There is a pencil. We use it for ....
A. Reading
B. Cooking
C. Writing
D. Eating

15. r-a-t-S-u-y-a-d
A. Tursaday
B. Saturday
C. Sarutday
D. Rasutday

16. Nice to meet you. In Indonesia is ....
A. Sampai jumpa
B. Apa kabar
C. Selamat pagi
D. Senang bertemu denganmu

17. Chair, white board, and table are things in the ....
A. Class room
B. Bath room
C. Bed room
D. Dining room

18. The students sit on the ....
A. Lamp
B. Fan
C. Map
D. Chair

19. 6, 12, 18, 24,... What is the next?
A. Twenty
B. Thirty
C. Thirty five
D. Fourty

20. The colour of our flag is ....
A. White and black
B. Blue and orange
C. Red and white
D. Green and yellow

21. I want to see cartoon. Please, switch on the ....
A. Radio
B. Telephone
C. Music
D. television

22. The last month of the year is ....
A. May
B. June
C. December
D. October

23. Alena goes to school every day. She is a ....
A. Student
B. Police man
C. Doctor
D. Post man

24. The colour of the sea is ....
A. Grey
B. Blue
C. Black
D. Yellow

25. Ali : “....?”
Bila : “ I am ten years old.”
A. How old are you
B. How are you
C. Who are you
D. What are you

II. Fill in the blank by using the word in the right side!

26. Today is Friday. Tomorrow will be ....
27. It is December. Next month is ....
28. We ... student.
29. We use ... for seeing.
30. 23 + 22 = ...
31. The month after May is ....
32. My hobby is collecting stamps from foreign countries. It is ....
33. Twenty minus eight equal ....
34. Andre is a good guitarist. He plays ... very well.
35. It is very hot. Turn ... the fan, please.

- Are
- Fourty five
- Saturday
- Eye
- Philately
- January
- On 
- Guitar 
- June
- Twelve

III. Fill in the blank with the correct word !
36. The number before twenty is ....
37. Yesterday was Friday. Today is ....
38. Seventy six means ....
39. The ... is teaching in the classroom.
40. Papan tulis hitam = b _ _ _ b_ _ _ d

IV. Answer the following questions

41. What is your hobby?
42. Mention seven days in a week!
43. Mention months in the year!
44. s-w-p-p-a-N-e-r-e.
Arrange the letters into good word!
45. They like playing chess. Translate into Indonesia!

Demikian update Soal Latihan B. Inggris Kls 4 untuk PAS atau UAS Semester 1/ Ganjil serta jawaban. Semoga bermanfaat.

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