Cara Memperkenalkan Dalam Bahasa Inggris / Introduction

Contoh Cara Memperkenalkan ( Introduction) Diri Dalam Bahasa Inggris - Hal paling pertama biasanya yang kita temui dalam kelas bahasa inggris atau lembaga bahasa inggris ialah kita diperintahkan untuk memperkenalkan diri atau dalam bahasa inggrisnya dikenal dengan istilah Introduction. Hal ini merupakan basic sebelum kita mempelajari bahasa Inggris lebih lanjut. Dalam memperkenalkan diri memakai bahasa Inggris, ada beberapa hal yang harus Anda pahami terlebih dahulu, menyerupai apa saja yang harus di perkenalkan ataupun jenis tense yang harus digunakan.
Untuk lebih mudahnya saya akan berikan beberapa teladan introduction dengan bahasa yang gampang dimengerti. Semoga teladan di bawah dapat Anda jadikan inspirasi.
Inilah beberapa contoh cara memperkenalkan diri dalam bahasa inggris :
Hal  paling pertama biasanya yang kita temui dalam kelas bahasa inggris atau  lembaga bahasa Cara Memperkenalkan Dalam Bahasa Inggris / Introduction

Contoh Pertama Teks bahasa inggris dalam memperkenalkan diri

Good afternoon friends. Thank you for the time, allow me here to introduce myself for a couple minutes. My complete name is Indra Herwawan, but you can call me Indra. I was born in Bandung, June 21st 1994. It was a long time and about eighteen years ago right?

I’m a very new person here because I just moved from Bandung to this capital city two days ago. When the first time live in Jakarta, I feel very hot but it has been a normal condition for me right now. In Bandung, I had a unique hobby that was speedcubing. It was a brain to play the Rubik’s cube faster and faster. Below is the picture of Rubik’s cube.

I also spend my time to play football and listening to the music when I get bored at home. But, when I live in Jakarta, I even have no idea to play football with my friends. Because, here I am a stranger and haven’t got friend yet. I live in Jl Kepulauan raya, West Jakarta. It’s approximately five kilometers from this school and I come here by bus.

In my house, I live with my parents and my twin sisters called Andin and Andina. My parents are Mr. Darmawan Sahreza and Mrs. Maia Sahreza. My father works as an engineer in one of the big company in Jakarta, while my mother works as an accountant in insurance company. My younger sisters are 5th grade of elementary school and both of them are ten years old.

That’s the end of my introduction and nice to meet you my friends..

Contoh KeduaTeks bahasa inggris dalam memperkenalkan diri

Good morning everyone. Let me introduce myself in a short time. I am Ratna dwi junarti and you can call me Rara. I was born in Bone, June 24st 1994. It means that I’m eighteen years old right now. I moved from Jakarta to this great city because my father has some jobs that must be done. Here, I live at Jl. Untung Suropati, Jasaraya. My house actually is not far from this school and you are only to ride for about 100 m to the east.

I have a nice hobby and that is writing and blogging. I get money from internet especially through blogging. I have a nice blog that provide information of Technology, newest gadget, and many more. You can visit the to see my articles.

In my house, I live with my parents named Mr. and Mrs. Wibawa. Both of them work as entrepreneur. My father manages his futsal shoes business while my mother is managing her Batik dress business. I love them very much and I’m actually five brothers. I have two elder sisters and two younger brothers. My first sister is 22 years old named Andina Rizki and now she has been a student of Indonesian University especially for English Literature.  Next to my second sister who has been 20 years old named Andien Aulia and she is studying at Gajah Mada University especially for Psychology. I think, I will not tell more about my brothers because it consumes time too much.

That’s all and I would say thank to your attention. Good morning everyone, nice to see you.

Contoh ketikaTeks bahasa inggris dalam memperkenalkan diri (Lebih sederhana)

Good morning my friends, I'd like to introduce my self. My name is Karno, My complete name is Mbah Karno, I was born in Magelang, 3rd August 1991, I am 12 years Old. For now, i live in my uncle's house in Jalan Serayu no 3 Magelang. My Hobby is Playing Football, so, if any of you who like to play football too, you can invite me. I moved to this school because my parents were working out of town, so I entrusted to my uncle, and schools here. I wish, I could be a good friend for you, thank you


Selamat pagi teman-teman, Saya ingin memperkenalkan diri saya, Nama saya Karno, nama lengkapnya Mbah Karno. Saya lahir di magelang tangga 3 Agustus 1991, saya berusia 12 tahun. Sekarang ini, saya tinggal di rumah pamanku di Jalan Serayu nomor 3 Magelang. Saya hobi bermain sepak bola, jadi bila ada diantara kalian yang suka bermain sepak bola juga, kalian dapat mengajak saya. Saya pindah ke skolah ini alasannya ialah kedua orang bau tanah saya bekerja ke luar kota, jadi saya dititipkan kepada paman saya dan bersekolah disini. Saya harap, saya dapat menjadi sahabat yang baik bagi kalian, terima kasih.

Contoh keempat Teks bahasa inggris dalam memperkenalkan diri

My name is Nurul Hidayatun.  You can call me Nurul. I was born on 28 November 1993. My religion Islam of course. My hobby is writing. I like writing, because by doing this I can pull out whatever on my mind, it’s fun for me. I live at Banjaran village, Purbalingga. I have 2 (two) brothers and I don’t have a sisters . They are Mr. Misto and Mr. Iman.  And they are have married and each other have one child now. So, from now I’am the only child in my family. My mother is a housewife because she is doesn’t have a job and my father is a merchant. My father  works away from a home, in Jakarta and I’am college in Semarang now. So my mother is alone at home. And  I have friends too. They are Tyas, Mei, Itus, Yum, Fitri, etc.  I really love my family and my friends, without them my life would feel lonely.

Itulah tadi beberapa Contoh Cara Memperkenalkan ( Introduction) Diri Dalam Bahasa Inggris. Semoga bermanfaat.

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